My business exists simply for the fact that I love documenting couples in love. None of that artificial stuff that's portrayed through movies and books, but the real, messy, honest moments that turn into our favourite memories with that one person we want to spend the rest of our lives with. 

My art is infused with my personality. Half of it stems from my grandma, who practically raised me growing up. She is the reason behind my love for the 60's and 70's and taught me how to be creative at a young age. Seriously. Every time we were together, we would either be dancing to her music, painting, sewing, or drawing. 



Human connection
Experience over production

My Approach

Hanging out with my fiancé and our cat. On an average day, I'm usually wearing sweats + my hair in a messy bun, listening to some music that isn't from this decade, eating smoothie bowls, and snugglin' on the couch with my little family. My favourite thing to do with Tristen (my boo thang) is wake up around 11 a.m and drink coffee in bed while watching TikTok. It's been our thing to do together since we moved into our new apartment haha. 

When I'm not shooting or editing you can catch me...

I grew up in a small city north of Saskatchewan, and am now based in Saskatoon. The city I grew up is the reason for my love for the outdoors and travelling. I spent about half of my childhood going camping, fishing, and hiking with my parents and still love to do it now as an adult. 

I feel like i've been a Photographer my whole life. I always loved taking photos of my family and friends growing up then when I got into high school, all I wanted to do was take photography classes. Shortly after I graduated, I saved up and bought my first camera then started my own business a year later. I fall in love with photography every time I shoot. 

Born & Raised in the prairies.


I’m here to not just capture your day, but guide you through it. My biggest goal is to create a unique and meaningful experience for you, both on and off camera. We’ll not only document the most important moment in your lives, but collaborate to make it as magical as can be.

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